Gugni Gill Panaich
COO, Vice-Chair,
Director, Co-Founder

Driving force behind Gysk is Gurinderdeep Kaur, famously known as Gugni Gill Panaich who is a passionate actor turned politician/philanthropist. She is a strong female activist and has been applauded globally for her achievements. She has actively worked towards the welfare of many downtrodden people. Born and brought up in Africa, poverty elevation and improving lives of African people has always been close to her heart. Her leading renewable energy initiatives will lead to women empowerment and changing lives of million of African families.

Help her, help GYSK in achieving its objectives to generate free renewable energy for millions of households across the African continent.

Gugni lives in the beautiful town of Caledon with her husband and two adorable sons. She also enjoys travelling around the world, exploring new ventures and experiencing new cultures.