GYSK innovative products help generate electricity
while families are cooking food or warming their houses,
enabling them to light up their houses, charge their
mobile phones & batteries.

Our Solutions

We have 5W, 10W & 15W Generators that produce renewable electricity for Households and Small Businesses. Designed to be instrumental in the remotest areas of the world & offsetting Carbon Emissions.


10 Watt Thermoelectric Independent Generator

GEN 10 Specifications
The most useful and adaptable solid state thermoelectric power generator adaptive to any heat source propane and vapor being the best!

Extremely useful for cell phone charging, tablet charging with dual battery charging up to 13.8V for Charging 12V batteries using sterno, alcohol or propane fuel, wood chips can also be used.



10 watts nominal – Dual outputs 5V and 1.2V-12V variable based on battery voltage.

1.5 liter water cold side chamber.

Easy water tap on side.

8 lbs gross weight.

No moving parts – full solid state.

Electricity Good for All

For remote communities without access to electricity can benefit from our innovative solution. Our 5W Generator can charge a mobile phone or light up two LED bulbs or charge a battery. Renewable electricity changes live, improves the environment and is a win-win for everyone.

Renewable Energy

Our products are Canadian made and produce renewable electricity using cooking or warming of homes. It fits perfectly into the lives of remote communities. We offer Green, Alternative and Renewable Energy using state-of-the-art Ultra High Thermoelectric Power Generation systems. Our products lead to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Carbon Footprint worldwide.

Easy Installation & Enablement

Our products of different wattages, naturally fit with any kind of cooking stoves, any kitchen appliances, mud stoves, tandoors, and ovens – simply call us to get the design and it will be a plug n play, safe to use and geared towards generally “Health, Safety and Education”. Our team will train the community on usage, installation and maintenance of our generators, enabling communities to be self-sufficient.

Environmental Solutions

While the Carbon Emissions that people are already producing, they can generate electricity within those emissions and help the planet go green without any additional fuel burns. Cooking is essential, if we can use this household chore to energize a home, what can be a better solution?

No Maintenance Required

GYSK products are robust, produced under strict Canadian quality standards, ensuring long lasting usability. We have strict quality control procedures with safety protocols that make our products sustainable in the harshest of environments.

One Solution, Multiple Benefits

Energy means changing lives. Our solution increases home productivity that directly impacts the lives of millions. Mothers become empowered and can buy more products, children can study at night and families and businesses can remain connected using Mobile Commerce. One solution has multiple benefits.

Help Us Change Lives

Access to renewable electricity up-lifts families and communities, see how you can help or benefit from it.

Tell Us more. We will get back to you with a solution

Energizing Lives

Incorporating GYSK appliances to produce Electricity in rural African households will change cottage industries and home production in different areas to be more competitive and productive in the marketplace. Energize the difference!

The Access Deficit

Sub-Saharan Africa contributes to 77% of world's population lacking access to electricity.

733M of the world’s people lived without access to electricity. Progress varied across regions. The global access deficit remains concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa, where it increased from 559M people in 2010 to 568M people in 2020. Thus 77% of the world’s population lacking access to electricity were in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to The Energy Progress Report 2022 the biggest share of the unserved population is in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Why Support us

Our mission is to help under-served, under-developed and marginalized communities facing energy crisis with highly affordable, value-added, reliable, and quality renewable energy products.

Energizing Homes

Electricity will lead to children studying and doing their homework, while mothers cook foods. This will transform lives.

Women Empowerment

As work in the home reorganized around the new technology, electricity also affected how much women worked in the market, increasing the overall productivity of the household.

Electricity for Communication

Electricity will help in charging mobile phones and battery banks, opening access to communication and information sharing.

Help Us Achieve the UN Access to Electricity Targets

A lack of access to electricity hampers development. It affects everything from people’s ability to learn to the creation of enterprises and the provision of public services like health care. This lies behind the United Nations goal of countries achieving universal access to electricity by 2030.






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