GYSK is looking at partnering with Governments, Global NGOs
and other Chartible Organizations to find novel financial solutions
to enable our roll-out in most under-priviliged communities in
Sub-Saharan Africa. Let us enable them via electrification

Why Support Us

Our mission is to help under-served, under-developed and marginalized communities facing an energy crisis with highly affordable, value-added, reliable, and quality renewable energy products.

Help Us Achieve the UN Access to Electricity Targets

A lack of access to electricity hampers development. It affects everything from people’s ability to learn to the creation of enterprises and the provision of public services like health care. The Sub-Saharan Africa constitutes of 77% of world population that does not have access to electricity. At the current rate, this region will never hit the United Nations goal of countries achieving universal access to electricity by 2030. Partner with us to experdite this roll-out. We have a robust solution for enablement via electrification.

Women Empowerment

Our solution has a direct impact on home productivity and extending the time for doing additional chores after dark. As work in the home reorganized around the our solution of generating electricity, it also affected how much women have extra time to work longer in the market, increasing the overall productivity of the household. Time-use data indicates rural women spent on average two working days each week collecting wood (Budlender et al. 2001) & three hours each day preparing food. Our solution will generate electricity from cooking and this can be used for multi-tasking, then it will transform a household’s productivity level, especially for the women of the house, uplifting the entire household.

Electricity for Mobile Commerce

Electricity will help in charging mobile phones and battery banks, opening access to communication and information sharing in remotest of communities. Our solution can also be applied to conflict stricken regions and regions where environment disasters have struck. Easy installation, robust and fits into the entire household eco-system. Enabling access to mobility means access to information, weather alerts, health care, education, crop prices and much much more.

Support Innovation

Generating electricity by using the waste heat generated from the cooking process without interrupting the process is innovative. People will cook food anyways – majority of heat goes waste into the environment. We help them generating renewable electricity as a by-product of cooking or warming. Households can store it in batteries, they can use it, ultimately, uplifting their living standards.

Proudly Canadian

GYSK is an Canadian entity, driven by our core Canadian values to innovative and help in uplifitng millions of lives that are below the poverty level. Give them an opportunity, help their children get access to education, make mothers more productive and healthy, eradicate diseases and provide healthcare. All is can be done if access to electricity is there. Help us help others.

Energizing Lives

Incorporating GYSK appliances to produce Electricity in rural African households will change cottage industries and home production in different areas to be more competitive and productive in the marketplace. Energize the difference!

Energy Changes Lives

Help us change lives by energizing and electrifying homes, villages, communities and small businesses. All this, without generating any additional Carbon Emissions.
Help us change lives by energizing and electrifying homes, villages, communities and small businesses. All this, without generating any additional Carbon Emissions.
Energize a House

Green electricity connections will help African households change home production technologies and induce more women to work in the market. Better household elevation of poverty.

Energize a Village

Decentralized renewable electrification of a village will change several lives and give an uplift to the entire population of the village. One prosperous village will lead to a prosperous community for all.

Energize a small business

Enabling a small business, results in income generation opportunities which directly impact the entire community and its upliftment.

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