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Help us change lives by energizing and electrifying homes, villages, communities and small businesses. All this, without generating any additional Carbon Emissions.

We are a Canadian Technology Company producing state-of-the-art green and environmental friendly electricity to energize rural communities, villages, and small businesses. We do it without generating any further Carbon Emissions and without burning any fuel more than required to cook food and warm a house.

We pioneer disruptive technologies to generate renewable electricity and are mandating strong political commitments, better-targeted policies, business models, and innovative financing to help connect under-priviliged communities of the Sub-Saharan Region to get access to green electricity and up-lifting lives of millions. We are advocating a paradigm shift on how policy and invest in this cause.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help under-served, under-privileged, and under-developed
communities facing energy crisis all over the world, with highly affordable,
value-added, reliable, and quality renewable energy products.

Our Vision

Through innovation and disruptive technologies, build renewable electricity that changes lives of millions across the world. Enablement through access to green energy.

Management Team

Help us change lives by energizing and electrifying homes, villages, communities and small businesses. All this, without generating any additional Carbon Emissions.
Karanveer Singh
Chairman of the Board,
Director Co-Founder

Karanveer is an accomplished Canadian entrepreneur, a strategist and a successful businessman who has business interests across the globe. He is a seasoned traveler for his multidimensional businesses across the globe. He is held in high regards for his expertise in the metals, mining and various commodity trades for more than 3 decades and has expertise in managing all aspects be it sourcing, logistics and supply chain.

The expertise, knowledge and experience which he possess ensures that best quality products at the most competitive prices are made available to all stakeholders.

He continuously strives towards creating value for all the respected business partners. His core values range from integrity, ethics, trust, understanding, and respect for clients, suppliers and financial institutions allow him to perform fairly, guided by a vision to be the major player in the focused geographical regions around the world.

Karanveer lives in Oakville with his wife and son. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people and cultures around the world.

Gurdip Panaich
Chief Executive Officer

Gurdip Panaich graduated from Humber College and has proudly served in the Canadian Forces, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). He is a Chairman of the Board for Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd – a company that provides innovative solutions to the aviation industry. In addition, he has performed the role and duties of a Chief Compliance Officer.

Mr. Panaich has also worked as a realtor for 18 years in dealing with commercial, franchise food business and residential real estate. Mr. Panaich has extensive experience in managing and running businesses related to franchise food business, and accounting & taxes. In addition, Mr. Panaich owns and operates a film production house under the banner of Panaich Productions.

Gugni Gill Panaich
COO, Vice-Chair,
Director, Co-Founder

Driving force behind Gysk is Gurinderdeep Kaur, famously known as Gugni Gill Panaich who is a passionate actor turned politician/philanthropist. She is a strong female activist and has been applauded globally for her achievements. She has actively worked towards the welfare of many downtrodden people. Born and brought up in Africa, poverty elevation and improving lives of African people has always been close to her heart. Her leading renewable energy initiatives will lead to women empowerment and changing lives of million of African families.

Help her, help GYSK in achieving its objectives to generate free renewable energy for millions of households across the African continent.

Gugni lives in the beautiful town of Caledon with her husband and two adorable sons. She also enjoys travelling around the world, exploring new ventures and experiencing new cultures.

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